German Man Dies After Lighting Himself On Fire In Possible Political Protest F

The car the man drove to the square was covered in various political slogans according to police. One of them said “Anis Amri is just the tip of the iceberg,” and another slogan on the vehicle said, “Never again a war on German soil.” +

Integration Commissioner Says German Culture Does Not Exist, ‘Diversity Is Nation’s Strength’

German culture does not exist and the nation’s history has been shaped by “immigration and diversity”, according to Federal Integration Commissioner Aydan Özoguz, who has argued migrants should not be expected to assimilate.

Macron Sets Course for European Superstate with Merkel on First Day as French President

Emmanuel Macron, the new president of France, travelled to Berlin on his first day of office to continue the long-standing tradition of French leaders meeting the German chancellor their first priority in office, and used the occasion to kick into motion his vision to “deepen” integration of the European Union.

Turkish Prime Minister Slams Germany, Says Relations Souring

Germany must decide whether it wants to stand with its ally Turkey or with alleged coup plotters, Turkey’s prime minister said Tuesday, as relations took a dip.

Austria Checking for Illegal Dual Turkish Nationals, Could Strip Citizenship

Austrian authorities say they are checking a list of about 100,000 citizens for evidence that some of them may be illegally holding a Turkish passport.

Austria to Hold Early National Elections in October

Following the surprise resignation of former Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner, the Austrian coalition government has called an early national election this Autumn.

5 Authoritarian Regimes That Shape Facebook’s Censorship Policies

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged to protect free speech. But his platform, the largest and most influential social network in the world, regularly clamps down on free speech on behalf of authoritarian regimes.

German justice minister defends controversial anti-hate speech legislation

The Bundestag is debating a draft law to force social media platforms to delete illegal content more quickly. Critics fear that it is too imprecise and could restrict freedom of speech. The justice minister disagrees.


Syrian Migrant Jailed for Passing Info on Terror Targets to Islamic State

A German court convicted a Syrian refugee Friday of membership in the Islamic State group in his homeland and later providing information for a possible attack against “soft targets” in Berlin.

Germany limits refugee family reunions from Greece

The German government has significantly cut back on family reunions for refugees arriving from Greece, local media reported. Germany has taken in over a million people and is facing “limited capacity.”

Asylum Seeker Brutally Tortures Fellow Migrant, Gouges Eyes over 50 Euro Debt

An asylum seeker in Germany brutally tortured a fellow migrant by cutting off his eyelids and blinding him by shoving a pen into his eyes over a 50 euro debt.

Iraqi Asylum-Seeker Convicted of Raping Chinese Students

A German court has convicted a 32-year-old Iraqi man of raping two Chinese college students in the western city of Bochum.

Pakistani Migrant Faces Terror Charges in Germany

German prosecutors have charged a 28-year-old Pakistani man with membership in a terrorist organization on allegations he joined the Lashkar-e-Taiba group to fight against Indian forces in the Kashmir region.

Claim: Police Could Have Deported Christmas Market Terrorist, Failed to Act in Time

Several officers in Berlin are now under investigation as a new report claims that police knew more about the Berlin Christmas Market terrorist Anis Amri than they had told the government in Berlin.

Two Charged With Founding Terror Group That Targeted Migrant Homes

German prosecutors have filed terrorism charges against two alleged co-founders of a far-right group that planned to bomb a refugee home.


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