MK Ultra


>hidden eye
>underage school girl
>b&w checkerboard
>pedo swirl symbol

It literally does not get more MK Ultra symbolism

“I’m aware that she is one of the most bandied about examples of that type of programming, but it just seems too far fetched an idea for me to believe in. I don’t know, maybe it’s real. I honestly don’t think anything could surprise me anymore. For sure the two tweets from that girl are wacky as shit, though”




Accepting MK Ultra programming was not stopped, but instead moved forward and used outside of its original purposes is basically a blue pill to me at this point.

First of all, these people are sadists. They’re Saturn worshiping satanists who follow the teachings of Crowley.

They love using symbolism. Either because it’s a sick joke or it’s actually necessary for their rituals to come to fruition.

They have merged their religious symbols with the code names and concepts of the MK Ultra program and throw them in our faces constantly. Several of the symbols are signs of programming that has been performed upon her, ordeals she’s been through, or services she will perform.

Fun fact: most female celebrities are actually just hookers for the elite. Their music videos are literally just teaser trailers for what you can have for 15M

If you want the REAL red pill (which you are not ready for) it’s that we ALL have had MK Ultra programming run on us through the tv for the last 25+ years


Look up

1.Project artichoke
2.Bill Clintons admission that MK Ultra is real
3. Celebrity deaths and meltdowns
-investigate Britney Spears, when she had her meltdown and shaved her head. Also, when she actually had a personality split on live tv
-Look into the practices and beliefs of Madonna. She is a queen in this circle
-look into Niki Minage’s alternate personality

4. Monarch and kitten are both sex slave programs. Search any female celeb + either keyword and likely you will find

5. Making every black actor crossdress

Fun facts:
-Katy Perry just purchased a LA convent full of elderly nuns and evicted them all. Her intended use of the convent is unknown

-Dave Chapelle’ held out on coming back into to show business for years due to the fact that (((they))) wanted to push agendas with his show. Last fall he caved to the sum of $50m and apromise he could have control over his show. His family has not heard from since that night.

Hollywood was infiltrated by the same people who run our government.

MK Ultra

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