Poland tells the EU to go f*ck itself


Sanctions would be preferable to migrants, declares Polish government.

Speaking on Polish radio, interior minister Mariusz Błaszczak said agreeing to European Union quotas would “certainly be worse” than any punishment Brussels could give them and stated that Poland would never surrender to economic pressure.

His astonishing comments this morning could result in Poland being sanctioned and stripped of its voting rights in the EU, with France’s President Macron declaring that the EU needs to use all its power to “bring to heel, the regimes in Hungary and Poland”.

Brussels officials yesterday urged Poland to discuss a breach of the law of not accepting any migrants rather than enforce any punishment against Warsaw.

The Polish Minister insisted that the current PiS government in Poland would be willing to withstand any amount of economic hardship, rather than subject Poland to what he described as “barbaric hordes”. “Our job as a government is to ensure the safety of our nation, our blood and our children and we cannot fulfil these aims if we allow these ‘so-called refugees’ to enter Poland.”



Poland tells the EU to go f*ck itself

3 thoughts on “Poland tells the EU to go f*ck itself

    1. Good for them actually considering their posterity, not exactly fashionable these days.
      I’m sure eventually they will send UN troops over their to adjust their attitude, but I congratulate them for not making it easy for these jews like all these other sell outs are.

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