Mooselimbs drive Manchester survivors home – 14 people go missing


Pure coincidence i’m sure. Fire up your twitter sockpuppets and ignore the false-flag shills. Don’t let the kikes memory hole this.

Hotpocket Edit: Seven still missing so far


Nell Jones^^^^

A 14-year-old girl, believed to have been using crutches on the night of the concert, has been reported missing.

Members of her family are in Manchester searching for her.

Ms Jones, who attends Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. has not been heard from since the concert.

A post on Knutsford Young Farmers’ Facebook page said: “One of our members and close friend Nell Jones was at the concert last night and sadly is still missing.

“If anyone hears from Nell please let someone know!#PrayForNell.

“Please share!”


Meanwhile, the government and media tells everyone who has a problem with strange men picking up underage girls in an unmarked uber taxi that they are racist, awful people.

Smells like cover up to me. The muslim groups would be all over this if it were a legitimate effort to help children. Not only that, but look at the small number of them. They only picked up 14 of them? You would think that muslim groups would be out there condemning the attacks and offering to help the victims. Instead they pick up little girls in unmarked uber taxis and then the little girls disappear.

The only people championing this as some sort of heroic muslims deed are leftists. No muslims I see are out here talking about how they are doing what they can for the victims.

In fact, when is the last time you heard muslims doing things for victims of terrorist attacks in europe and condemning the attacks? All it ever is is some white leftists talking about how not all muslims are bad and this is just one lone wolf.

You would think muslims would be making some sort of effort to show the world they’re not all like that. But they don’t, they ignore it completely.

Mooselimbs drive Manchester survivors home – 14 people go missing

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