The english have finally had enough:


“Yes we are. 100%. I’ve been speaking to people about this non stop. In the gym. In barbers. In town centres. In pubs. Even spoke to the bird in the suntan shop about it.

People are seriously fucking waking up. You won’t see it in the news but it is bubbling up massively underneath the surface.

I’m going to Sunderland on the 10th June for the march against thread Muslim sub humans.

Justice for Chelsey it’s called.

All British men should join me. Now is the time to stand up and fight.

People are calling for mass deportations and internements.

Link above is an ex SAS guy on sky news who sounds just like all the people I’ve been speaking to.

None of this is being represented in the media but everything is close to braking point.

Brexit was just the beginning. I know it looks like we’re cucked but I promise you all things are changing. The Muslims will be kicked out within a decade tops.

Civil war is the next step.

A heavyweight British boxer Tony Bellew has just come out and called for them to be gassed. Literally he says “gas them””


The english have finally had enough:

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