9 thoughts on “What the actual f*ck was that?

      1. bob saffron says:

        Whether you believe all the stars shown in “Elite Sexual Inversion” are sexually engineered, the brow-surgery is amazing. Some women just don’t have hips. Nature ain’t perfect, otherwise the C-section would be unnecessary.


      2. I seem to recall saying he said some of them ad grotesquely exaggerated hips from some kind of cosmetic surgery.
        Anyway it’s amazing how much alike Miley Sirus and Justin Beiber look. Maybe they were identical twins.


  1. Spears may very well be the victim of child abuse, coming out of the Disney machine as she did; but all I see in this video is a mentally wasted and idiosyncratic young woman having her dirty laundry aired in public and making an awkward attempt to prevent herself from crying and looking ugly on camera. I’m reluctant to trust the judgment of people (like the one who created this video) who can’t spell when it comes to doing serious research into CIA mind control programs.

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    1. I find the internet rife with bad grammar and poor spelling. At any rate, for someone who lives in the spotlight I wonder at this bizarre performance. Seriously, who fucking behaves like that?


      1. She’s been in showbiz her whole life – and at Jew-run Disney, to boot. How could she not have sustained some psychological damage from that? Throw in the likelihood that she was probably pawed or worse by executive parasites as a kid, and I’d say she’s about what you’d expect.

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