Mattress Girl’s stunning new Art


Look at how brave and amazing it is. It’s a piece about “Trump America”

Master Avery tied Sulkowicz to a large wooden beam for 45 minutes before pulling her up in the air with a pulley system and beating her intensely. At one point, he asked if anyone else wanted to partake. One audience member volunteered, slapping Sulkowicz hard across the face.

At one point, a distraught audience member asked if she wanted to be untied. Oddly, another viewer added that there should have been a trigger warning before the performance.

tfw if you went you would get to slap this powerful woman across the face to help stop patriarchy


How will misogynists and rape apologists ever recover?

Mattress Girl’s stunning new Art

6 thoughts on “Mattress Girl’s stunning new Art

  1. Jan Sobieski says:

    Somebody should have stepped up and gone ballistic, kicking fuck out of her.
    Having to be dragged, struggling, away.

    For art.

    That sort o’ thing.

    Itzah Mitzvah!!!

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      1. Can’t remember. It must have been a couple of years ago. She released a “re-enactment” video of her false rape. Neither her or the guy looked in any way enthusiastic about it. Maybe she was trying to launch a porn career that never took off.

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