The left really are a death cult.


I used to think they were just naïve or living in a fantasy but this has gone on far too long and as the left loves to say “We are highly intelligent”.

So if they are smart then what they are doing is pure evil. Many people in our government are psychotic and they wish death upon us.

So when they bring in the 3rd world rapists murderers and criminals they KNOW what is going to happen. They enjoy reading about little Suzy getting raped and had acid thrown in her face, about how Johnny was beaten up, raped and set on fire.

These are the people who train ISIS and help smuggle them in and let them loose. Then with their smug faces tell you that this is the new norm and you have to get used to it.

So when North Korea or Iran detonates a nuke above North America and / or Europe and the EMP knocks out everything and then the 3rd world killers go on a rape and murder spree know who it was that brought them into your world.

The left really are a death cult.

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