Jews in Alternative Movements


I’m wondering how common is it actually to see Jews in various “alternative” groups? Be it the alternative media, conspiracy theorists, and so on.

I have a made short list of such Jews:

I recently found out Sonya of Truther Girls Youtube channel is a Jew, although she pretends Catholic. Pic related.

Stefan Molyneux is a well-known Jew.

Mike Rivero of What Really Happened is allegedly a Jew:


Brother Nathaniel is open about his Jewishness and has allegedly converted to Orthodox Christianity.

Tara McCarthy claims to only have a single jewish ancestor back 4 generations, but she has a distinct Ashkenazi look to her. She also did a show with “Reaction Jew” Nadav Salomon where they claimed “anti-Semites” like us are lying about the Talmud and taking it out of context.


Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli Jew who supposedly rejects Zionism and related evils.

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change is probably a Jew.

A minor Youtuber 108Morris108 is a Jew:



Alex Jones himself I don’t think is a Jew, but his ex-wife is, and his producer is. And whenever someone talks about Jews on his show, the producer gets “oy vey, don’t trigger me”.

Then there’s of course Kike Enoch.

Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug) is a Jew. I wouldn’t be surprised if other prominent NRx theorists are – I’ve looked into Nick Land, he’s not.


Add Paul Joseph Watson to the list. He admitted in a “nazis vs alt right” video of his that he is a jew from mother’s side and thus jews are based and nazis are evil. I’ll post the vid if I find it again. He’s also a homo.

The jew plays all sides. This is an ancient technique. In war they would always split up their groups and have one join the enemy for sabotage from the inside (Babylon, Rome, Germany, etc.) and if the “fighting” jews lost then the ones that fled would preserve their tribe.

This is why no jew can be trusted, ever. “Based jews” need to be eliminated as much as Bibi himself.

Can we talk about the “a-ok” sign for a minute? That’s not our sign, its never been. It was always thought on here to be the Jews 666 sign. People making it in their pics are usually dead give away that they are an (((alt right))) kosher shill.

Jews in Alternative Movements

2 thoughts on “Jews in Alternative Movements

  1. I just finished reading a 760 page biography of J. Edgar Hoover. Fuck a bunch of jews, Edgar had, as W.C. Fields would have said, “An Ethiopian in the fuel supply.” Hoover had very dark skin and very black, coarse, thick, and kinky hair. For most of his life he “conked” it, and combed it in waves, much like Louis Farrakhan.

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