Countering ANTIFA using their own materials as a guide


So ANTIFA groups publish informational PDFs and webpages online detailing all sorts of things from opsec, how to form groups, etc.

I propose we start using their own manuals and published tactics to form countermeasures. Some users already have doxxing going on, but we could definitely benefit from better understanding their ‘security culture’ and other methods and practices meant to help form, grow and protect ANTIFA groups/cells.

For example:

Moreover for those of us who have more free time and ambition, forming your own ANTIFA cell, building rapport and collecting information on those individuals before exposing their activities and identities would also be extremely useful in reducing their confidence and trust in one another, eliminating their feelings of privacy and anonymity. A similar effect could probably be achieved by staging photographs of you and a group of individuals (Friends, members of organizations sympathetic to us, doesn’t matter) dressed up like ANTIFA, and suggesting that you have succeeded in infiltrating/forming a group in order to inform on them.

Discussing actual ongoing plans here would be counterproductive, I feel that uncertainty and fear of consequences are our best weapons against them.

We would need to gain access to those among them who undertake violent actions. In order to do that, you need to understand how they function, how they think and interact as a group. To that end, studying their materials should be useful, as would be studying the ‘tactics’ that they commonly use in riots.

The best benefit of this is that for them, staying out of jail is no longer a matter of covering your face and hoping we can’t identify them. They will also have to be extremely guarded and paranoid as a result of infiltration not only by law enforcement, but by people sympathetic to our cause.

As soon as they can’t trust the others in their group, they fall apart and we win. They lose their base and they can’t hide among a sea of black anymore. I believe that even creating the APPEARANCE that we have successfully infiltrated or formed ANTIFA groups for the purposes of informing would be very damaging to their confidence.

Since so many of them are on drugs it shouldn’t be all that difficult to make them paranoid.


Record everything with pic related and send it to State Police. They cost $30.

DO NOT REPORT ANYTHING YOU ARE TOLD INDIVIDUALLY. They report misinformation to people they suspect are spies and see if it gets released. They will then know you’re the spy.

Try to be as enthusiastic as you can but no more than anyone else. DO NOT SUGGEST VIOLENT ACTS. If you see someone making destructive devices such as pipe bombs or Moltov cocktails, try to gather as much info as you can and when it is safe report it to your State Police or local FBI office with any and all information you can. (This will help get them on the Federal Domestic Terrorist list quicker.)

Use a burner phone to contact them or at the very least, associate and use a Google Voice number with your phone. Use a burner Email and associate it with whatever “Pen Name” you give Antifa.

Reveal no real information about yourself. Try to find a used, well worn copy of Lenin or Marx (a new copy is a dead giveaway), and read up on a Communist revolution or two other than Russia.

If you can, plant information making it look like someone else is the spy. This “evidence” should be obvious as to what I mean.

Good hunting, lads.

Countering ANTIFA using their own materials as a guide

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