First post, post office n*ggers coontact (from a banned account on


This is my first post on this form. I used to frequent another forum similar to this one, but it was shut down. I stumbled across this one and joined.
Anyway, I wanted to share an experience I had with niggers last week. I drive a box truck for work and sometimes have to go to a giant post office distribution center in Cleveland. Last week was the first time I ever went there and I was astounded at the lack of a single human being there. I backed into an open dock and followed a human truck driver into the facility. I brought my paperwork that had the equipment I was supposed to pick up on it. A sheboon told me “dat man down dere is who you wanna see”. I thanked it and proceeded to walk down to the buck she identified. This buck was somewhat light skinned and looked like George Jefferson, and had a hostile attitude to match. I showed him the paperwork and the buck immediately got an attitude with me. “How da haeell you even get in here brah?”. Dumbfounded, I said I followed some other guy in right over there and pointed down to where I came in. The buck explained in broken English “you sposed to come in right heea and press da buzza and wait fo someone to let you eeenn”. I said sorry, I didn’t know because I’ve never been here before. The buck then gets a look of disgust on its face and tells me to “go get yo truck and back it into sixty fo”. So I do that, and come back in the right way. The buck says “wait here we go get yo stuff”. Ten minutes later another buck on a forklift starts bringing some pallets with equipment on it over…And proceeds to just leave it there. I stand there and wait a couple minutes until it comes back. The buck explains to me “man watchu doin man, get you a pallet jack and load dat shit up on yo truck and get up outta heeaa”. The niggers were so lazy that they couldn’t even take the extra 5 seconds to load the pallets in the truck on a forklift. I have never been to a facility that made you load your own load onto the truck. I politely explained I didn’t know I was supposed to do it myself and loaded it onto the truck. George Jefferson comes back out and says “man you gotta go into dat office right dere an sign yo name on some papers and den get up outta here”. Relieved, I went and did what the niggers said, closed up the box doors and left. Every single niggers I encountered at this government facility gets paid with our tax dollars and not one could even say please or thank you. Not one of them could even have a decent attitude. And to make matters worse, when I got back to work, my boss told me they didn’t even put the right stuff on the pallets. Now, I have to go back and deal with those niggers again because of their own stupidity. And what really sucks, is I can’t lose my cool and go off on these stupid niggers for their poor attitudes and stupidity or I’m sure they would call my work and say that I’m rayciss. Luckily, where I live is a nigger free zone and I only have to deal with them once and a while.

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Quote Originally Posted by SpearChuckinJungleBunny View Post
There are places in the world where giving a stranger even a fraction of that nigger attitude would be the last thing you ever did. Cowards. Lay into them with a venom and an unpredictable wiley-eyed niggermaniacal madness, make those chimpy eyes go wide with fear within the bounds of the law. It’s not that hard to do if you are truly hardcore. If you are White, you are a descendant of conquerors. Make those nigger bitches shit their low-riding pants.

Update:. I last went back to this place a week ago. I had 4 pallets of periodicals that I needed to drop off there. A useless sheboon was actually COMPLAINING to me that she hated when she had to do this part of her job because she physically had to get out of her chair and go over and put the corresponding tracking stickers on the right pallet. Keep in mind there are only 4 pallets with a different destination on each one and there are 4 stickers that correspond to a pallet. Literally all it had to do was put the right sticker on the right pallet. I’m not kidding it took the groid 10 minutes to match up the stickers. I couldn’t help but chuckle a few times watching it try to operate at it’s highest intellectual possible and still take 10 minutes to complete a task a human would take 30 seconds to complete.

(ty Karen)

First post, post office n*ggers coontact (from a banned account on

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