So there is this German Youtuber who got his Patreon account shoa’d for (((Hate Speech))).

He’s doing a great job dropping redpills about Islam, SJWs, the lefts hypocrisy, the elites and the Lügenpresse.

All of the above hate his guts for doing it and the amount of butthurt he generates is delicious. They tried to take him down from Youtube, get his videos deleted for Hate Speech or copyright claims or even dox him several times which always failed.

>His Youtube Channel


Now someone got his Patreon deleted, literally at 12 AM midnight, right before the cashout of 1.800 Euros.

The donations are gone and his donators are mad as fuck. They literally STOLE the money.

I wonder how often they did this before and how much money they make from that. Could be a great way to blackmail their users as well.

So long story short. I want you to know that Patreon can’t be trusted. I made this infographic and got banned from Twitter very soon after posting it.

Just look who’s connected with Patreon. Should be reason engouh to boycott.


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