asshole propaganda


Assphag doesn’t know history.

The bombers gave an advance warning before the blast.

Everyone knew it was going to happen, and as a result the only person killed was a photographer who was there to capture the event, i.e. it was his own damn fault.

And Brits made the IRA, their families, friends, and anyone even suspect suffer like dogs.

Muslims get their asses kissed by their Leftist protectors like this cocksucker tweeter.

Fuck this cunt, he should be gutted.

They’re trying to get you to compare the magnitude of the attacks.

Don’t fall for their kike-alike tricks — that’s not the real issue. The British government did indeed “ban” the Irish — thousands of suspected IRA members were imprisoned without trial for years under “internment” in Long Kesh.

The British haven’t interned a single Muslim. The most extreme plans even allegedly attributed to Donald Trump during the campaign didn’t include anything like internment.

The British response to the IRA was far, far more authoritarian than anything being planned today.

IRA only wanted property damage, not casualties. Furthermore, they were fighting for their own state.

The ideology of the Muslim terrorists is to “kill all Western men and take their woman and children as slaves”. So this enemy is basically a foreign invasion that wishes to commit genocide. And don’t think for a second they’re joking. If they get enough power, they will do it.

If that time comes, there won’t be any Muslim SJWs to protect whitey.

asshole propaganda

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