Nuclear energy vs Paris Accord


As you know, the Paris Accord is a huge pile of Communist garbage. But the whole CO2 narrative is incredibly flimsy because of the atomic energy technology that we have had for the past 50+ years.

Anyone who spends just a few days researching nuclear energy knows that it presents all the characteristics necessary to undercut the false dichotomy surrounding climate change.

-zero carbon

-enough fuel to last tens of thousands of years

-the safest form of energy

-all fears seriously overhyped: melt down, proliferation and waste protip: no one has died from Fukushima’s radiation and likely no one ever will…don’t listen to Jonestein

-advanced reactors will be abundantly cheaper than all current forms of electricity production because of the ability for modular production in a factory like a 747 then shipping to finish assembly on site

-advanced reactors can provide industrial heat to inexpensively synthesize fuels and desalinate water, manufacture cement, fertilizer etc.

Whether climate change is real or not I happen to be fairly convinced that it is there has been huge lies around the technology that they were unable to suppress quickly enough once the Zionists began to heavily occupy our government after world war II.

Nuclear energy is the monkey wrench in the whole carbon credits/global warming narrative that must (((be deflected))) by disinformation and obfuscation so that the white man does not wake up to realize that this is the stepping stone to the stars.

There are many small coalitions trying to raise awareness about advanced nuclear energy technology. Gordon McDowell has an excellent youtube page with anything you would ever want to know in digestible videos.

Obviously, if conservatives knew there was a

free market solution to the dominance of the fossil economy, they would be more amenable to doing something about climate change. Certain websites like have had a lot of articles about nuclear energy. But mainstream scientists and notable celebrities are completely ignorant.

Nuclear power is kept out of the narrative because it would be a technology nearly as disruptive as the steam engine, turning all sorts of power structures and false dilemmas into dust. It must be a platform from which we launch our assault of logic, reason and order.

Also vid related is James Hansen, founder of Greenpeace.

Nuclear energy vs Paris Accord

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