Why is retail dying?


Is it Amazon?

Poor business management?

White flight? Dying suburbs?

Diversity causing people to hunker down and avoid public spaces?

When the boomers die off, will suburbs die with them? Because it feels like everything associated with suburban life is slowly decaying.

As someone who watched the demise of an East coast supermarket chain Pathmark,I can explain the phenomenon as Executive Nepotism and Orchestrated Failure.

A bunch of upper management had an idea: instead of making money by selling groceries, they would run the company into the ground through willful mismanagement, declare bankruptcy to free themselves of debt,then dismantle and sell off the physical assets while crying poverty to whatever judge that had the misfortune of overseeing the fiscal swan dive. Vendors would go unpaid,stores sold off for cash,equipment bought that would mysteriously disappear once the bankruptcy went through. These vultures had no interest in generating sales or attracting clientele, only stuffing their pockets with consulting fees and sailing away after a handful of months with golden parachutes. They would blame the evil union members for running up the cost of operations,run their stores barebone with a minimum of workers,yet shovel in bonuses for themselves for arbitrary goals. They “tried” to generate commerce in the most rediculous fashion,pissing off more customers than appeasing them. I recall seeing sales of products that were a super low price if you bought 10 at a time,but the shelf would only hold 12 and they purposely failed to order more or bulk quantities of them. All this destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of the common workers,but the conga line of executive scum just smiled and stole.

I don’t think our situation was unique:I heard when Hostess cakes broke their union,they awarded their upper management a few million dollars in bonuses while declaring bankruptcy because of the greedy bakers. I bet others here have similar stories…

Why is retail dying?

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