Men Opting Out of Academia


The Time/Money Investment is no longer worth it.

>John Maxwell is curious about the world and freely shares, in casual conversation, tidbits of English history. Yet he says he’ll never again set foot in a college classroom.

>“I consider myself mostly self-taught and I just believe I should cut my own path in life,” said the 24-year-old Maxwell, who dropped out of Littleton’s Araphoe Community College after one semester.

>Maxwell said he didn’t want to waste his parents’ money on college work that held little or no interest to him.

>Others say the campus environment has become testy, even hostile, toward men. “You definitely get the sense you are the problem,” said Maxwell. “One woman once told me that she could use statistics to determine how many of my friends were rapists.”

>Whatever the reason, enrollment data show men are becoming less of a presence on college campuses both in Colorado and across the United States.

>Today, women hold almost 60 percent of all bachelor degrees, and women now account for almost half of students in law, medical and business graduate programs.

>“For two decades, I have helped hundreds of young men and women navigate college admissions,” Riseman said. “While none of my female students have dropped out, several male students return home without degrees and often with a sense of disappointment and despair.”

>Date rape prevention programs, although well-intentioned, also scare men away from campuses, Shelley said. The programs “welcome young men to college by essentially telling them that they are potential rapists,” Shelley said.

>Amy Wilkins, a University of Colorado associate professor of sociology, does not buy the idea that men are being picked on in college.

>Women have to work harder in classrooms to get degrees and jobs where they will be paid less than their male counterparts, she said. “College is still so much of a man’s game, it’s so much easier for them,” said Wilkins. “If you are a smart woman you learn very quickly you are not supposed to act smart in college.”

The hyper-feminization of academia, unsurprisingly, is making men reconsider the worth of spending their time in an indoctrination center where they’ll have to take seminars on how evil their manhood is and why they should embrace marxist groupthink.

Is there any redeeming the college system, or will it continue to remain on a continual decline?

Men Opting Out of Academia

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