2 thoughts on “niggopotamus laundromat brawl

  1. art says:

    Jeeezzzzuuuzzzz! they riot at weddings, they riot at funerals, they riot at holidays, they riot at malls, they riot at restaurants, they riot for any made up imaginary reason they think they were slighted over, they riot just because they are niggers….send the whole filthy lot back to Apefreaks, Haiti, Jamaica and whatever other hellholes they came from

    What’s more maddening is the majority of lobotomized by joo media whites sympathize with them and blame whites for every hangnail a nigger gets

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    1. Yes, I sincerely apologize for this sheboon’s behavior.
      I’m sure some ancient ancestor of mine kicked her great great great grandmammy in the head so hard that it damaged this 21st century sherilla’s brain. 😥

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