The Oera Linda Book


Himmler’s Bible: The Oera Linda Book


Tl;dr: This book is well worth a read. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to a white nationalist Bible, complete with a mythology and mytho-history, and devoid of kike imagery or influence.

Background from kikipedia: Because of the infatuation of Himmler with the Oera Linda Book and its consequent association with Nazi occultism, it became known as “Himmler’s Bible”. [However] Wirth’s book was by no means universally acclaimed among the Nazi-era Nordicist academics.

(1) Historical Accuracy

The historical accuracy of this book is highly disputed, leaning towards being debunked. Since it contains many alternative accounts of historical events such as the founding of Athens and Crete as well as some accounts of Germanic pre-history which don’t match with archeological evidence. Obviously its lack of unified historical support from the establishment is somewhat disappointing. Simultaneously this plays into a reactionary movement seeking to reject the dogma of the degenerate academia. Historic truth does grant a works advice the weight of having been tried and tested. The fact this book’s historic accuracy is disputed is a weakness.

But true or not, its advice and quality speaks for itself. Admittedly it’s just as likely that it’s version of history is as true as the subverted dogma we’re currently taught. There is nothing outside of the short creation mythos that is outright implausible. In fact it’s high plausibility and focus on practical guidance and chronicling events is quite refreshing in a quasi-religious text. It has a very biblical feel which I think is the right tone for a religious text. Histories give people a sense of realness that empowers their faith and stirs their “listen to your elders” instincts. It also generates a story narrative bound to the religion and the race.

(2) Memetic/Mythological Potential

Some great memes in this book. It’s somewhat matriarchal (discussed extensively below) in its approach to governance but also highly national socialist and utterly red pilled on race and social subversion.

At the center of its religion is a monotheistic, eternal, male deity-creator who demands self-reliance and wisdom from his Creation. The Earth/material world is depicted as a goddess with whom the Creator generates sub-deities. The God only intervenes in the most dire straits and demands self-reliance. The purpose of life is therefore framed as a story of growing up and practicing virtue in order that your descendants may flourish.

There is a more practical, closely involved race sub-goddess who guards her children. She is attended to Valkyrie-angelic like spirits who may intervene in mortal affairs. This opens the theological framework to race based pantheism with several created sub-deities. I find this highly important. Monotheism provides esoteric depth but pantheism provides memetic playroom. Also each race has their own sub-deity. This permits the race to distinguish itself from other races on the spiritual level. Many of us know Christian themes of universalism inevitably end with race mixing.

There is no hell/salvation crap. Instead the theme is growth of independence, wisdom, and eternal growth both as individuals and as race. Quote “We, Frya’s children, exist through Wr-alda’s life—in the beginning mean and base, but always advancing towards perfection without ever attaining the excellence of Wr-alda himself.”


The creation myth is utterly redpilled on race. Easily the best part and the foundation of the entire text.

There is heavy fire symbolism. The matriarchs keep a lamp lit which seems to symbolize both her spiritual authority and the community itself. This could potentially tie into Zorastrian lore.

Focus on keeping language pure in order to prevent subversion. Their language is based on runes.

So I’m sure this has triggered many of you already but it promotes a spiritual matriarchy. This might actually be quite good so hear me out. They cleverly channel the female mother instincts into useful institutions, taking spiritual guidance and advice from a matriarch and her virginal attendants. This has potential to totally co-opt the feminist movement into a national socialist channel, repurposing their awry maternal instinct into stalwart defensiveness of their folk.

Essentially it advocates a national socialist community ruled by elected male warriors and governors who are guided by virginal priestess waifus. It’s every /pol/acks dreamworld.

Here is how it works: Citizen Soldiers elect -> matriarch who sets norms for -> women who create -> culture

Only men who have done military service vote. They must elect a virgin woman to be their clan mother/ matriarch. They also elect a bunch of virgin women to serve as her handmaidens/council. These women can resign their office in order to marry if they wish. The matriarch is also served by elected men who handle nearly all of the practical matters. This makes women into the guardians of spirituality and memes, while the men are the implementers of broad policy into specific projects and tasks. I think this is a good system. Memes and spirituality need to be at the core of any nation and honestly, women excel at this once you have jump-started a healthy memeplex. Hitler told us women were the guardians of culture. Currently that’s quite obvious. The problem we face is not with female nature but with the fact the culture they instinctively guard is cancer. You can repurpose their instincts into a positive force if you establish a healthy culture.

The lack of women in visible high social status positions is essentially what fuels feminist cancer. In the Frisian social system married women still follow men in practical matters but virgins leaders are given a high social status. Women in general then feel pride in following the spiritual guidance of the matriarch and priestess class. If you haven’t noticed by now your wives and GFs are hardwired to cue off the highest status woman in their environment. So if you want to control the culture you must create high status women to look up to. Since the matriarch is elected by men this is essentially a way for men to elevate virtuous women to high status and then all women conform naturally. As we all know women don’t want to be practically in charge, they want to be honored. As anyone with a wife or gf knows women don’t want to be followed literally. They want to give general emotional advice. This spiritual matriarchy plays right into their natural inclinations. A spiritual matriarchy served by a male bureaucracy I can see being highly effective in practice. It’s a brilliant way to control the memeplex.

It is critical to note that the matriarchs must be virgins. I think the reason is genius. It is so that their matriarchal instincts will attach to the entire community. Since women are programmed to attach to children they take this instinct and use it to serve the community. This is a clever hacking of female instincts in order to anchor the memetic/spiritual core of the community. Also it heads off the current feminist cancer of attaching to maternal instincts to foreigners and weaklings.


The Matriarchal themes I actually find very promising. There needs to be an outlet for the female instinct to nurture, guide, and engage in social intrigue. I believe when given the correct framework women could channel their instincts and talents at verbal reasoning and social intuition into a powerful cohesive force.

(3) Practical advice and guidance

Leadership principle. Male war leaders (Kings) are elected by the people for limited terms. Their authority cannot go to their heirs or relatives. There is a strong focus on leadership principle but also stern admonishment to kill the tyrant or any who turns against the community. Basically it’s national socialism through and through. Kings focus on war only. Civic and spiritual matters are the domain of the matriarch.

Many of the laws deal with guaranteeing individual rights to land ownership and how to divide public goods. Although of limited direct practicality it gives a good sense of how to balance individual liberty (guaranteeing individual land and home) with civic duties (mandatory military service, taking care of public lands and citizens injured in public service.) Overall it balances individual liberty with common sense socialism necessary to create a support network and undertake civic projects.

Universal weapons training for all boys. Universal military service for men.

Banishment and disinheritance of anyone who race mixes. I think this is the right balance. You advise against it but permit it if they insist yet cut them off socially. In a sense this permits the community to prune weak genetics naturally.

Voting, term limits, rotation of offices, outlaw of hereditary positions. Only men vote and then only men who have served in the military. Also anyone elected to office CANNOT refuse service. Creating the norm of electing unwilling men to office is amazing. The unwilling are usually the most worthy.

No slavery allowed because it subverts the younger generation who inevitably socialize with slaves. It also creates a culture of indolence. Self-evident good advice.

Many of their laws use reputation as a punitive system which is an excellent idea. Reputation can regulate people without creating dangerous laws that destroy liberty. In this case the reputation system of the community is highly enforced by the matriarch’s handmaidens. Basically it’s weaponized social intrigue.

Although matriarchal in its approach to governance but if you pay close attention the practical matters are all left to the men. Women take a more symbolic and spiritual role. As outlined above this is pretty brilliant way to balance gender roles in the community by playing to each genders’ strength.

Utterly redpilled on race and social subversion. It’s against usury, warns against foreign influence or miscegenation. It also warns sternly against social subversion and stresses the importance of guarding culture and customs.

Very national socialist with huge focus on individual freedom. Everyone is expected to work. But also decrees welfare for those injured in public service. It also has a system of maintaining public lands for public welfare.


Tribal federation structure. This is huge. Instead of a centralized bureaucracy there is a tribal affiliation of communities. This keeps the governance localized. Towns are expected to house and feed their own.

There is a strong theme of distributism which deserves its own treatment (read more about distributism Every newly married couple is given a house and land by the community. Distributism is the economic philosophy of empowering each individual to support themselves without overly relying on the property of others.

All men have to marry by age 25. Anyone who refuses to do so is banished unless they are impotent. Implicit to this is that wives are available and willing.

(4) Conclusion and Questions

I think this book is great. Its historic accuracy doesn’t matter as much as it’s memetic potential. It is easily the best mythological alternative to the Bible I’ve yet found. I think it could easily serve as the center for white cultural identity. It’s utterly redpilled on race. And it is also utterly national socialistic.

Some general question. How accurate and plausible are its historic claims? Can this book merge with Kekism, hermeticism, and Jung’s Red Book? Can we deepen the flame symbolism and unite it with the inner sun memes? What can we learn from their spiritual matriarchy system and is it the magic bullet required to defeat feminism? Can we incorporate this work into a compilation of other religious texts to create a memetically viable White Nationalist Bible?

The Oera Linda Book

2 thoughts on “The Oera Linda Book

  1. “How accurate and plausible are its historic claims?” In several years discussing on forums, also with adherents of hoax-theories, nothing was found in the book that would be historically impossible.

    Strange at first sight? Yes, some of it, but that can only be expected of texts that must have been controversial and feared by the ruling class at least since 300 BCE (arrival and power take over of Friso). Also, some of it may then already have been partly fiction or propaganda.

    Several claims of the OLB that are now fully plausible and confirmed by modern research, will have sounded hilarious when the book surfaced in the late 19th century. This strongly supports authenticity.

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