Thugged-out snowflakes terrorize campus


Whelp, they say a pic is worth a thousand words, and this is an image board after all.

>Evergreen faggots looking pouty and “tough,” walking around on the taxpayer dime with bats.

>Jewboi professor who was BTFO by his own gollums says they are actually thwacking people with their bats.

Maoist cultural revolution two, electric boogaloo: This time fatter, with clown-hair.

Thugged-out snowflakes terrorize campus

7 thoughts on “Thugged-out snowflakes terrorize campus

  1. Remember the “21-foot rule;” it works with baseball bats as well as knives. If someone is 21 feet or less, from you, with a knife (or baseball bat), blow that motherfucker away.

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      1. An oft-proven fact is that a person can cover that 21 feet in 1.5 seconds, and stab you in the heart, or smash your skull, before you can react and shoot them, so shoot them if they are acting belligerently and are 21 feet or less away from you.

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      2. IF you ever have to shoot someone, EVERYTHING that you have ever read, watched, or heard about self-defense, is admissible, in evidence, because it goes to your STATE OF MIND. I could spend WEEKS on the witness stand because I’ve been a student, of armed self-defense, for over 50 years, and can recite thousands of things that I have learned You can, therefore, tell a jury about the 21-foot rule, and why you had to shoot someone who was that far away.

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