14 thoughts on “There weren’t this many mentally ill cocksuckers in the world 20 years ago.

  1. That’s what I can’t figure out. Where did all these dysfunctional freaks come – it’s like they grew up out
    of some bog. I don’t understand it – all of a sudden the freaks were just here. hmmmm
    Is there some technology connection?

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      1. This shit is way too fucking gay for me. I believe that the increase in mentally ill cocksuckers can be attributed to fluoride in our water and toothpaste. General Jack D. Ripper was right; it pollutes our precious bodily fluids. Fluoride is a deadly by-product of the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Some smart jew figured out that, instead of having to dispose of the shit, they would claim that it reduced tooth decay, and sell the toxic shit to be consumed by unwary people, killing two birds with one stone: making a shitload of money and killing off lots of goys.

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  2. art says:

    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but nobody considers how far society has moved away from and rejected God….and I’m not talking Islams god. I have seen the west, US in particular has taken the rocket sled to hell beginning with Madeline Murray O’Hare’s managing to get prayer banned in schools; not it’s to the point Christianity is openly mocked and attacked, while Jews are glorifying piss art and every other degradation you can think of to the point Satan worshiping is welcome on the former USA with Baphomet statues popping up all over the country…..50-60 years ago the perps of Satanism, BlackLiesFecalMatter ANTIFA etc would have been hunted down and dispatched “POOF”

    I’m really starting to believe what I heard in sermons decades ago that sometimes God’s wrath is not fire’n’brimstone so much as him gradually removing his protective spirit from us; the final act will be when he fully removes the restrainer then we will see some REAL evil. Some of it is due to the globalist jews, their masonic playmates and the Vatican ramming the Jew World Disorder down our throats; the media, education banking systems, chemtrailing us HAARP, fluoride, GMAS MKULTRA, etc etc which re not creations of God.

    Sorry to ramble but I have had 70 years to personally witness our destruction. I woke up back in the 1960’s (a pivotal period for our social corruption) and was laughed to scorn as well physically/verbally attacked for being anti-American and a whack job. Nobody else back then saw what I saw, and today most still do not see.

    God help us all

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  3. Probably the area where ‘Little House On the Prairie’ was filmed. All involved in filming the series died from
    the big CA except the girl with pigtails and whether she ever came down with CA, who knows. Privacy.

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