Brainwashing in Universities


We talk a lot about indoctrination and propaganda, but there is more going on than this in the universities. They are using legitimate brainwashing techniques against the youth on these campuses. Many have heard about the shenanigans at Evergreen, but this is just the boil over the top of a deep infection.

I have studied brainwashing techniques, I have infiltrated actual cults in my younger more alcoholic years, I even ran propaganda for one of them, and I’ve developed my own techniques of manipulation that I struggle not to abuse. I mention this as to lend credibility.

>what methods?

So, evergreen I have confirmed first hand uses two very common and very powerful methods of brainwashing. The first is almost universal among dangerous cults.


In every single class they group up the students (classes kept small for this reason) in a circle and have them openly judge one another. Their peers are turned against them and tear into each other every day, without mercy, and without appeal. They just sit there and nod as their classmates judge them for the day, telling them what they did wrong. They ALL take turns doing this to each other. This in fact is their replacement for the grading system. That’s right, no grades. Just critique.


They are systematically taught to not trust their own judgement, all that matters is the approval of their peers. Should their peers not approve, they’re failures. In time, they no longer trust their own instincts, do not use logic, and only accept appeals to authority, authority being their peers, who are controlled by the doctrine of their instructors.

On to #2

Guided Meditation

This is a fancy term for hypnosis in this case. They are told to relax, close their eyes, and guided by their instructor into a trance with breath control and a script. The conscious mind has been subdued, and they’ve already been broken down by critique, they are now malleable. Next follows some fluffy imagery and a slow insertion of doctrine.

>how do they manage this?

The classes at evergreen are not structured normally. The average student has only two instructors! They take groups of classes offered by the same instructor, usually groups of three. This means they spend all their time with the same students, the same instructors, in the same environment. This is how they keep the groups controlled and isolated.

Next (this goes deeper):

The ones who take the best to this and remain aggressive are usually sociopathic, as the sociopath feels no emotion during the critique methods and responds well to praise. They are elevated by the instructors and funneled into leading the clubs where they then continue this process on their own, with or without instruction.

And then there is another layer…

… Sexual. We’ve all seen how prevalent the push for trans/bisexual/phaggotry and sexual deviance goes in these places. The students are PRESSURED into this. If you’re “binary” or “cis”, you know, normal and straight and not a whore, you are persistently pressured and belittled as a matter of cultural standard into adopting a whorish degenerate persona. These kids are peer pressured into sexual deviancy and the VAST majority are on fuckbuddy sites, and use apps like tinder and grinder, which push random meaningless sex.


They do this to break them mentally. We all have seen what a long string of meaningless relationships do to people, and these are the worst, just using each other as whores until they’re used up, pushed further and further into fetishism, and it’s a part of their IDENTITY!

Identity, that’s the final piece here. Their sexual dysfunction is now a part of their ideological identity. That means that should they question ANY aspect of their programming, it’s now intrinsically linked to their sexual identity. This means that should the programming be broken or questioned, they are immediately faced with the thousands of acts of perversion they’ve participated in, and when that happens in an already volatile mental state, they fucking BREAK! I’ve seen it first hand! Suicides, mental breakdowns in the street, blank-eyed students wandering the streets at 3am not even on drugs. They break… This is their failsafe!

Well, that’s what I’ve got for tonight.

Brainwashing in Universities

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