Check this out: Free energy is real:

Tesla knew it. There’s a voltage difference of 100V per meter height on average, even on a clear day. On days where solar panels would not work (cloudy / stormy) you get even more volts.

Tesla wanted to build towers to collect atmospheric energy, then use a spark gap to create AC and drive a Tesla Coil (which it is designed to operate on). The Tesla Coil is just to eliminate the cost of having to run wires to devices. If you already have wires then you can just tie into the batteries of your Atmospheric Electricity Collector.

Physanons would bitch about the voltage loss of the inverse square law which Tesla’s coil (transmitter) and resonant coupler (receiver) experience. This was not a problem for Tesla because we have a near infinite amount of energy coming from the sky, so you just build more towers. The sun is electric. Sunspots are not bright because the sun does not have a nuclear furnace inside. The dark spots reveal a cooler interior. Only the surface is burning, like an electrode ionizing plasma.

“We’re swimming in electricity.”


Look up Hydraulic Despotism

Cure the central bank problem and you still have to worry about despotic control via access to scarce resources (like fresh water). Decentralized solutions to energy, food, water, etc. are not welcome because TPTB would lose control. This is also why nuclear is out. A city running on cheap abundant safe Thorium energy supplemented with cheap abundant safe Atmospheric energy, that produces its own food and desalinates / condenses its own water could just tell others, “fuck off, we don’t need your government”.

The private central bank is only an advanced version of Hydraulic Despotism applied to currency. The scarcity of the currency is the problem. Allow each state to make its own silver / gold / etc. commodity backed currency. Then even if you have small boom / busts in regions they can be equalized at the national level – people can just shift funds into a different currency. Currency monopoly = The root of the money problem. don’t Deceive yourself.

Check this out: Free energy is real:

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