The Monetary System Explained – Defunding the sheenies

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It is impossible to understand how the yids have a stranglehold on the world and how absolutely fucked everything is without understanding how the monetary system works. The foundational work of national socialism, “Abolition of Interest Slavery”, is meaningless unless you grok how it all works. I don’t care much for economics – I prefer thinking about health, family, race, nature, etc – but usury is what funds our opponents, so we must understand why and how to kill usury.

In this post I will attempt to explain it.


When the government wants to spend money, the National Treasury (which stores the funds of the US govt) sells treasury bonds. The Federal Reserve (privately owned central bank) then prints currency to buy these treasury bonds. Private Banks act as an intermediary between these organizations, buying treasury bonds and selling them to the Federal Reserve at a profit. The end result is that 1. the Federal Reserve has treasury bonds, 2. Private Banks make a profit, 3. the National Treasury has cash. The government then spends this currency on a variety of things – about 90% of the US budget is medicaid, medicare, the military, and social security; in other countries the spending breakdown varies but in the context of this post we can ignore where this money goes because ultimately most of it ends up in circulation.

(Note that the Treasury owes the Fed a return on the treasury bond greater than the initial amount that the bond was purchased for, meaning the government owes more currency to a private bank than there exists currency. The federal income tax was originally implemented in the US to pay the regular coupon – kind of like an interest payment on a bond – from the treasury to the federal reserve on all existing bonds)


When money enters the economy it ultimately ends up in a bank. It might change hands several times first, but it ends up in the bank account of a person or business at a Private Bank. For the last ~500 years, western banking has operated on a Fractional Reserve system. This means that only a small % actually needs to be kept in the bank for daily bank transactions and the rest can be loaned out. Whenever a bank loans out money it effectively increases the amount of currency in circulation. The person/business that takes out a loan spends the money and it ends up in another Private Bank, and the process repeats adding currency to the supply each time. Since interest is owed on every loan at every step of the way, the total amount of debt is even higher than the total amount of currency in circulation.


The amount of currency in circulation (ie. inflation/deflation), the amount of debt owed on loans, and economic growth are all proportional to one another, this causes inevitable market bubbles and crashes. When people take out loans they spend that cash to stimulate the economy and currency is simultaneously created by the fractional reserve system. This drives the bull economy of abundance that precedes every crash. When people have money, they pay off their debts. This destroys currency and causes deflation which causes a market crash. Since a much larger amount of debt now exists than the currency to pay it off, there will inevitably be (likely millions of) people who are forced to default on their loans, face foreclosure, and declare bankruptcy losing everything they own. To add insult to injury, in the most recent US recession the few banks that lost money on this were then bailed out using taxpayer money – far more numerous however are the banks that profited off the entire cycle.



The Federal Reserve is private owned by a handful of individuals (who also own the major Private Banks).

These (((handful of individuals))) make money on

1. Receiving regular coupon on treasury bonds from the Treasury (your taxes)

2. Interest payments from loans (usury)

If everyone attempted to pay back their loans, all currency would cease to exist before we ran out of debt to be paid. Republicans who say they want to pay off the national debt are talking out their asses – it is literally impossible since our entire economy collapse as currency disappeared.

Economic recessions are caused by tying inflation/deflation to a debt backed currency. Democrats who say they want to regulate businesses to prevent economic collapse are likewise lying through their teeth.

Hitler nationalized the central bank and offered interest free loans (New German families received the equivalent of $44,000 USD in today’s money, and this loan would be forgiven upon having kids.)

If you want to cripple the kike-globalists, stop using banks and advocate for anti-usury.


Usury and the global financial system is literally skimming the human energy (effort + time) from the system to further enslave us.

That’s energy we could be using to explore the stars.

Jews are responsible for not letting mankind advance, what a surprise.


Germany’s currency and trade systems begin to give one an understanding of the causes of World War II. This was stated by Hasting W. S. Russell, who wrote at the beginning of the War: “A war of financiers and fools, though most people, on the allied side at any rate, do not yet see very clearly how financiers come into it. . . . Financiers also desired war as a means of overthrowing their rivals and consolidating still further their immense power. . . . Hitler not only engaged in barter trade which meant no discount profits for bankers arranging bills of Exchange, but he even went so far as to declare that a country’s real wealth consisted in its ability to produce goods; nor, when men and material were available, would he ever allow lack of money to be an obstacle in the way of any project which he considered to be in his country’s interests.

This was rank heresy in the eyes of the financiers of Britain and America, a heresy which, if allowed to spread, would blow the gaff on the whole financial racket.” Gottfried Feder (an early mentor of Hitler) had been advocating banking reform as early at 1917, and was ardently against interest slavery and usury. In his Manifesto he stated that the source of the banker’s power and wealth comes not from work, but from “the effortless and infinite multiplication of wealth which is created by interest.” Instead, the German State offered loans for a set price. For example, marriage loans up to 1000 marks were implemented and were repayable in interest free installments. A quarter of the loan was forgiven at the birth of each child. Via this method, people were never stuck paying off an interest charge each month like they are today with the credit card scam, but instead their payment actually went towards paying off their initial debt.

Adolf Hitler describes the National Socialist monetary system in a succinct paragraph: “If ever need makes humans see clearly, it has made the German people do so. Under the compulsion of this need we have learned in the first place to take full account of the most essential capital of a nation, namely, its capacity to work. All thoughts of a gold reserves and foreign exchange fade before the industry and efficiency of well-planned national productive resources. We can smile today at an age when economists were seriously of the opinion that the value of currency was determined by the reserves of gold and foreign exchange lying in the vaults of the national banks and, above all, was guaranteed by them. Instead of that we have learned to realize that the value of a currency lies in a nation’s power of production, that an increasing volume of production sustains a currency, and could possibly raise its value, whereas a decreasing production must, sooner or later, lead to a compulsory devaluation.” He added, “We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency [backed by] gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done or goods produced.” The NationalSocialist economy is one based off work and production.

The twenty-five point “Program of the NSDAP” reflected the teachings of the influential Feder. Among these points are: “10. It must be the duty of every citizen to work either mentally or physically. The activities of the individual may not conflict with the interests of the general public but must be carried on within the framework of the whole and for the good of all.”

Within two years of Adolf Hitler being elected, the unemployment problem had been solved and the country was back on its feet. It had a solid, stable currency, no debt, and no inflation, at a time when millions of people in the United States and other Western countries were still out of work and living on welfare. Germany even managed to restore foreign trade by using a barter system: equipment and commodities were exchanged directly with other countries, circumventing the international banks. This system of direct exchange occurred without debt and without trade deficits.


The Monetary System Explained – Defunding the sheenies

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