5 thoughts on “the world’s biggest cuck-phag sez:

  1. Is he really a faggot? Some muzzies are fags, but if they are caught by a non-fag muzz, they will be killed!
    And notice that J.K Rowling retweeted it too… Lalalala, she is with the agenda too… Probably she can’t crank out other saga of wiz kids and stuff, it’s too passé and she needs to get monies! So sell out and lend your weight to the jew!! Silly shiksa… wait, she is non-jewish, right?

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      1. The SJWs are so good, so nice towards people who are not like them, as long as they are not Whites, that they are suicidal. Stupid do gooders. If they only, and they only, suffered the consequences of their “goodness”, it would serve them right. But it’s not only them, it’s all of us who suffer. And they are so stupid they don’t care, or don’t realize that their stupidity is bringing us down.

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      2. And we have to shoulder the consequences of that… They bring the rapefugees and Muslim grooming gangs. Do they worry about the victims of said deeds? No! They worry about not being “racist”. Morons.

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