4 thoughts on “an almost daily occurrence in europe these days:

  1. “Don’t forget we colonized his country…”
    And made it leave the shit-tier, as well. We made it livable, too. In the Americans’ case (I refer to the whole continent, not just the USA), Europeans made the countries exist as they do now. Europeans civilized, built, and developed them. We in Argentina have idiot liberals (and not so liberals) that whine about the “colonization.” 99 percent of the time those whiners are of White ascent, or are mostly White. Even some metal acts (I’m a metalfag, sorry) bitch about that too. I realized, when I was like 16 or 17 years old, that if you (they) whine about the European colonizers, at least they should have the decence to GTFO the country, since they are descendants of said “usurpers” and “colonizers”. If they don’t want to leave the country, at least they should shut the fuck up. Fun fact: That’s was way before I became a conscious racialist. Now I think that they are either stupid, or downright traitors.

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