London Attack an accident?


I have been paying attention to this London so called “terror attack” and looking at the information so far. I’m thinking this might have been an accident for the following reasons:

1.) Witnesses reported hearing screeching. If a person is trying to kill people, why would he be attempting to stop the vechile.

2.) Reports say he the driver stopped his vehicle and got out of the vehicle. Why would a person purposefully hit a bunch of people and get out of the car unarmed only to get his ass beat by the mob? Which is what happened.

3.) “An eyewitness told BuzzFeed News that the suspect shouted “I want to kill all Muslims as he was being detained.” This is only one person who says this. His interview also seems to have some mild inconsistencies. Despite all the video recorded by people at the scene, there is no evidence of him shouting such things or laughing and blowing kisses as another witness stated.

4.) I saw a video of a reporter interviewing people at the scene (if I run across it again, I will post it) Muslims were coming up to the reporter doing the interview and aggressively telling him that he better report it as a terrorist attack, and not as the person being drunk, mentally ill, or any other narrative.

Anybody notice any other abnormalities in this situation?

This could be just like the Muslim girl in Virginia who was killed that people assumed was a hate crime, when it was actually a Hispanic guy who killed her due to a road rage altercation.

London Attack an accident?

17 thoughts on “London Attack an accident?

  1. bob saffron says:

    I haven’t seen any credible physical evidence of injury either at Manchester (check out the partially intact remains of a bomb, complete with a pristine Karrimor backpack label, which purportedly killed 22 and vaporizated the terrorist), or indeed London.

    That “Lion of London Bridge” story featuring B-grade actor Roy Larner is just sad. He’s somehow taken on 3 Muslims armed with machetes, with bare hands no less! Not even Bruce Lee could pull of that off. Yet he’s only got a small bandage and a few play stitches to show. Doing the TV circuit the next day and the GoFund is roaring.

    In the real world, this is the how the victim (trained, in this case) typically ends up:


    1. People watch too many jew movies. They see people getting the living crap beaten out of them for ten full minutes and in the next scene they’re back on their feet running around, no broken bones, no internal bleeding, nothing. They know they’ve turned to public’s brain to mush and they can’t tell TV or movies from reality.


      1. bob saffron says:

        Well police have got that 21′ rule. At close range knife beats gun almost always. Check out this domestic that goes wrong. Watch Mr. Yellow (skip to 04:00) teach cops a lesson on knives, ha ha.

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      2. Suicide by cop, eh?
        What do you know about all those oversized, very fast flying birds that were all over the place on 9/11? I know the military has highly advanced bird drones. I wonder if they had a flock of those surveying all the destruction on that fateful day?


  2. bob saffron says:

    What’s more, Larner gives no satisfactory account of his struggle nor any reason why three supposed mass-murderers would have given up against a middle-aged, unarmed opponent.

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    1. Well, although I don’t think every event is fake, people really do go off the rails sometimes, but rarely are these people White. I’m amazed at how much they can put up with. So far they have proven pretty long suffering, to the point of being docile. I can only suppose that 60 years of the electrical jew has broken their spirits, but also, Whites are law abiding by nature. In the early 20th century gun racks for the students in rural schools was standard, and I’n not aware of any mass shootings until that guy went to the top of a tower in the mid sixties and started shooting people. I think that was in Texas, although I could be mistaken.
      Although many of these events are undoubtedly fake I see nothing unusual about an arab blowing people up. It’s what they do. I will agree there’s something suspicious about this guy’s story. Those islamists must have been pretty weak and swishy if three of them can’t subdue an unarmed bum.


    2. bob saffron says:

      The thing is that there are plenty of instances of plain-vanilla Islamic crime: murders, stabbings, bashings, and theft, but the MSM studiously avoids reporting this. Now, in the London Bridge incident, almost all the “eyewitnesses” I saw interviewed were media people, not ordinary citizens.

      Re: Manchester, I’d be happy to believe the fatalities occurred if there were any corroborating evidence. The idea that a bomb that can kill so many, and obliterating entirely the bomber’s body, leaves the backpack label intact (conveniently not removed and photographed by CCTV at the vendor’s shop) and the detonating mechanism only partially damaged, is unreal. Reminds me of the passport belonging to Satam al Suqami found near the WTC ruins.

      Re:the birds, no, I’ve got no idea. It was through you that I first learned of them.

      So many people never have exposure to more real violence that watching Jason Bourne win against sixty guys with his bare hands. So the MSM can turn a comic-book narrative into news that people will swallow.

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