britain is a jew shit hole:


What kind of weirdo country even thinks like that?

The State: “Your pictures may offend someone and we would throw you in the gaol, so second guess everything you say or do, and therefore think.

“As we continue this campaign of paranoia, pay no mind to the savages we continue to import to your streets while they wreak havoc, murder and mayhem against unarmed citizens, especially in your nations capital, as we humiliate you and your ancestry before the whole world watching.”



10 thoughts on “britain is a jew shit hole:

      1. Yeah. I hope they understand, at least. It’s truly disgusting how traitorous their authorities have become. Unfucking believable… Remember the case(s) of the abused children there. The authorities (the police!) swept under the rug cases of molestation, grooming and rape for more than 15 years, for the sake of not being called “racists” (perpetrators were Muslims, go figure)… White people have been convinced that preferring your own group is bad, that helping your kind is bad, and that you should atone for some imaginary sins. That’s bollocks, but since they exploit the kindness of Whites (and they repeat these canards all the time) it sticks. It’s truly disgusting, and truly sad.

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      2. Only the White race can make it livable… for every race out there… Yes, coloreds are biting the hand that feeds them and the hands that gave them modern technology… Niggers complaining, for example, about racism in universities. First, is not true, second, they could not come with the concept of university by themselves, either! Not even in a millon years! They couldn’t even invent the wheel (simple as it is), let alone the universities. Asians have some smarts, but they lack the spark, or the Promethean flame to create things out… So the only thing they can do is to copy whatever Whites do and create… If Whites were to disappear, they would stagnate and not create anything else. Jews, Gypsies? Neither maintaining nor creating, the former steals, the latter destroys.

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