caring mother demonized by jew media

Canadian Mother Demands White Doctor Without Brown Teeth For Her Sick Son

A video showing a Canadian woman insisting on seeing a “white doctor” for her ill son at a walk-in clinic in Ontario, Canada, has gone viral. The four-minute video, shot by a patient waiting for his appointment, created an online rage soon after it was posted earlier this week. The woman had visited the hospital with her son after he complained of chest pain.

“I would like to see a white doctor,” the woman can be heard saying to a member of the clinic staff in the waiting room. When the member of the clinic told her that a white doctor was not available, the Canadian woman got furious. She kept on demanding for a white doctor who could speak English. The woman then walked to the reception counter and started yelling at the staff, saying she wanted to see a  doctor for her son who is white, “speaks English” and doesn’t have “brown teeth.” She was again told to wait until 4 p.m. for a white doctor. Meanwhile, her son was sitting quietly beside his mother.

caring mother demonized by jew media

2 thoughts on “caring mother demonized by jew media

  1. art says:

    Something similar happened to me here in a world renown Marxachustts hospital; after a 300 pound afrikoon sheboon nurse forcefully grabbed my arm to give me a shot it barely spoke English and I kept insisting before it gave me a shot I wanted to speak with a senior nurse, preferably white,

    Well a white nurse did enter my room and asked what the trouble was. When I asked what the shot as she left the room and came back saying it was a good thing I didn’t get the shot as it was for someone else and was insulin and if I got it I could have gone into insulin shock. I thing asked if I sold see white staff or at least those who were fluent in English and proficient. (the senior staff are predominantly Jewish (names and speech dead) giveaway

    I was supposed to be kept for 203 days for tests but after she left a senior resident came in to tell me I was being discharged within the hour. When I asked why the sudden discharge order he walked out.

    I did some snooping later and found out there was an immediate action note attached to my record “patient is severely racist” All I asked was to have a white or well trained nurse who speak and understood clear English

    We are done for as 99% of the population leans toward the communist left which is much better equipped, financed, promoted and cohesive then what’s let of we whites

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