Imminent kike takeover of most kike-resistant financial experiment in history

Bitcoin is important because it is the first modern currency not controlled by hook nosed thieves. Bitcoin is a decentralized, open source currency limited to 21 million total coins. It’s supply cannot be manipulated or otherwise regulated by greedy jews. Bitcoin gives a user the ability to send money anywhere in the world with no intermediaries for a very small fee.

Currently, over 80% of the miners are signaling in support of an upgrade called (((Segwit2x))), which was viewed as a compromise to the more polarizing (((BIP148))) proposal. Unless support decreases very soon, Bitcoin will be in the hands of the Bilderberg Group.

From r/btc (with commentary):

How to Subvert the Bitcoin Network in 5 Easy Steps – A Banker’s Guide to Stifling Cryptocurrency

1. Refuse to remove the “spam-limit” on on-chain transactions because of “centralization”

>Satoshi limited the block size to 1MB when Bitcoin was still in its infancy in order to thwart spammers. (((They))) scapegoated Miners as the evil money-grubbing source of “centralization”. Any fair-minded User in the system should obviously despise these greedy monopolists!

2. Propose a solution that enables transactions to be diverted away from the blockchain and instead to your second layer hubs.

>Segwit is a technology championed by (((Blockstream))) who is funded by AXA Stragetic Ventures whose CEO is Henri de Castries, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group.

3. Once the community rejects your plan, set a date and tell them it’s going to happen anyway regardless, ignoring the underlying network. Shill this idea on all the social media platforms that you control that the miners don’t matter.

>BIP148 (User Activated Soft Fork or UASF) was pitched as a radical User revolt against the evil Miners but only shills and newfags payed any attention to it. And it was /pol-tier shilling (remember Bitcoin is a $50B+ industry) across twitter and r/bitcoin with heavy censorship on the board. Go r/bitcoin and you’ll see it – the familiar appearance of near consensus support of an idea, but in reality, there is deep animosity between the two camps (r/bitcoin and r/btc).

4. Co-opt your friends to propose a “compromise” that gives you everything you want, while only slightly increasing on-chain space, or most likely not increasing it all. Most importantly, pretend you hate this “compromise” and that you had nothing to do with it so the community rallies for it.

>When it became clear that BIP148 had no real support, (((they))) benevolently compromised with the community on Segwit2x, which gives them everything they want anyway.

5. Profit

>As of August 1st, Bitcoin is ZOGcoin


The Bitcoin community is mainly comprised of ideological crypto-anarchists and libertarians who fundamentally despise the federal reserve and big banks but are either too afraid or too naive to name the jew. These folks are prime time for red pills and are already 75% of the way to our side.

1. meme the jewish-owned blockstream out of the shadows

2. connect them with the bilderbergers

3. bombard social media red pills


Bitcoin core (most actively support Blockstream) –

Blockstream –

Adam Back (Blockstream CEO) –

Luke Dashjr (Blockstream co-founder) –

Jihan Wu (The main boss of the “evil Miners”) –

Roger Ver (an popular outspoken opponent of blockstream) –



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