Jews Claim They’re Not White in PR Push


Jews making the racial pivot! Big PR campaign to make them “Asian” or “African” rather than linked with white Europeans.


“Are Gal Gadot And Other Ashkenazi Jews White? The Answer Is Complicated…And Insidious.”

(((Times of Israel)))

“Yes, Ashkenazi Jews (Including Gal Gadot) Are People of Color”


Now let us take a look at the history and heritage of Ashkenazi Jews. An indigenous people of the Middle East, Ashkenazi Jews were driven out of their homeland by European (and later Arab) colonists and taken as slaves to Europe where they were consistently regarded as savages, periodically massacred, and excluded from society on the grounds that they are a foreign, non-Christian, and non-European (or in the words of our European oppressors: Oriental/Asiatic) presence on European soil. The above-mentioned race categories created during the Inquisition were really a direct response to the possibility that the Spanish crown hadn’t successfully expelled ALL of the Jews and Moors in their midst. As such, an edict called “limpieza de sangre” (“purity of blood”) was made law, wherein anyone of non-European descent (i.e. Jewish or Arab-Moor) was given the ultimatum of conversion to Christianity or death. And even those Jews who did convert were still viewed with suspicion, and treated as second class. The rest of Europe adopted very similar laws, and many exiled Sephardim ended up migrating East, where they joined their Ashkenazi co-ethnics.

Jews Claim They’re Not White in PR Push

9 thoughts on “Jews Claim They’re Not White in PR Push

  1. They are not White, they are not black, they are not yellow nor red –they are the ultimate mongrels, like gypsies.

    Obviously, they make those claims because they smell a race war in the horizon… and want to save their asses… However, let’s see if Tyrone and Jerome fall for it. Most of them have white skin, even if they don’t have all the characteristics of a White man. To niggers that’s enough. If they are secularized (i.e not wearing special clothing or anything) they might be in deep shit too. The (((media))) doesn’t report the incidents of knockout games for obvious reasons. However, I wonder if some of them are not being knocked too…
    Hahaha! Anyway, they have to admit they are a mongrelized bunch! And don’t forget that their god forbids them such a thing!!

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  2. 0jr says:

    To imigrate to izrealhell you have to get your dna checked for jew genes, they themselves discovered in their search for proof they are the master race they discovered they are not white and have the most monkey dna other than blacks also when they discovered they have diseases similiar to blacks and shit they only get sick with and they hid all that reasearch till it was rediscovered by non jews proving they are not the chosenites or white.
    They jesuits were created by a sect of jews in order to remain in spain and not even considered christian by the church ever, till the irelander catholic child raping priests monopolised them in zoomurkia and took control and basically legalised them and the masons.Is the pope catholic no a jesuit.


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