Grenfell Tower families to be rehoused in flats at luxury complex


Families will be able to move into Kensington Row complex, where homes are on sale starting at £1.6m, from next month

Sixty-eight flats in a luxury apartment complex where prices start at £1.6m are being made available to families displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Families who escaped the tower blaze will be able to take up permanent occupation in July and August in the apartments in the Kensington Row scheme about 1.5 miles south of Grenfell, where last Wednesday’s blaze left 79 people dead and missing and presumed dead.

The homes are within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea but in the more affluent south end of the borough. They have been purchased by the Corporation of London and will become part of its social housing stock.

The most luxurious four-bedroom apartments are currently on sale in the development for £8.5m but the homes being released to Grenfell residents are part of the affordable quota being built and feature a more “straightforward” internal specification, but have the same build quality.

>The complex includes a 24-hour concierge, swimming pool, sauna and spa and private cinema.

Disgusting. These scumbags live better than most of the hardworking British taxpayers who are paying for this.

This is England, a jewish caliphate with the Bongs living under the rule of Noahide law while the counter jihad jews are telling them to ignore the overall wider invasion and focus instead on just isreal’s enemies instead.

This is England, a bit late to pretend voting for kosher conservatives will do anything to stem an already completed colonization of the land.

While patriotic Englishman will gladly go to Iran to save Britain from an islamic conquest managed entirely by jews, there will be plenty of ‘British’ 3rd world muds to take care of continuing the future generations of mixed blood ‘Englishmen’.

Grenfell Tower families to be rehoused in flats at luxury complex

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