Papa must be so proud!


13 year old white kid engages two negroes who try to break into his house
the negroes actually return fire
white kid doesn’t care, kills one, shoots another and continues to shoot at his car as he flees down the road like it’s a fucking movie

What the fuck did you do with your life by the time you were 13? This kid is already killing negroes like fucking John McClane.

-be american teen boy
-chilling in ur McHouse
-2 dindus enter your McHouse armed with McPistols
-Turns out you’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life
-You whip out your McSpecial Semi Automatic
-Empty Magazine
-1.5 KDR
-Dont lose any of your McStuff
-Dont lose your McLife either

Turns out training your kids how to use weapons isn’t so bad.

Papa must be so proud!

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