Pizzagate, Scalise, CIA and more


So here is a collection of info that came to light in the recent days with sources and everything

Scalise was strongly against humantrafficing and childdiddling

Scalise gets shot, and Pizza gets send to his office

He was then brought into the same Hospital as Seth Rich, the MedStar Washington Hospital Center

The shooter is also known for abusing his fosterchilds

>In April 2006, Hodgkinson was arrested for battery, domestic battery and discharging a firearm, after he allegedly physically assaulted his foster daughter and two of her friends.

>A St Clair County sheriff’s department incident report said Hodgkinson threw his daughter around a room, pulled her hair and hit her. He then punched a female friend of his daughter in the face “with a closed fist” and struck the woman’s boyfriend in the head with the stock of his shotgun, before firing a round as the man ran away.

>Almost a decade earlier, another foster daughter living with Hodgkinson and his wife, Suzanne, had killed herself at the age of 17, according to the Belleville News-Democrat. The daughter, Wanda Ashley Stock, doused herself with gasoline and set herself on fire inside a car.

what the fuck? who burns himself as suicide? why not taking a hose and just redirected the exhaust fumes into the car or let it run in a garage or something? use the shotgun of the guy to make it quick. but fucking burning yourself? Maybe murder instead?

Also Trump brought his personal Physician to scalise

Furthermore weirdly congresscandidate Lindy Li seems to have a connection to the shooter.

Brad Wenstrup helped treating the wounds of scalise directly after the shooting until the ambulance arrived and probably kept him alive

He was also quoted for saying “It’s just as easy as ordering a pizza, to order a person.”

the choice of words is no coincidence. possibly /ourguy/

the same doctor who was responsible for seth rich, jack sava, also is in charge of scalise.

sava also appears to be on the guestlist together with the podestas

he talks about in the beginning how it is normal to get shot and be relatively fine and later get into shock and collapse explaining the critical condition.

this article talks about why a gunshot to scalises hip, not just any hip, but scalises can be deadly


here it says he was in good spirits, and even called his wife and talked to her. scalise was on the verge of collapsing but instead of insteantly operating on him and stabalizing him they let him talk in piece all chilled out with no worries?

they already set the narrative up to make it seem like its normal if he dies

this bitch even already talks like he dead

Pizzagate, Scalise, CIA and more

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