Australians Set to Become a Minority


White Australians are set to become a minority and the left is celebrating.

The news came out the other day when the 2016 census data was released. The media called it a milestone and leftists took to their social media accounts to celebrate the news. This goes to show that they are trying to replace us on a global scale. It also shows that the left is literally anti-white – and that it’s not just a meme. The worst part is that no one is talking about the problem this is. No one cares.

So what now? 86% of Australians support multiculturalism. People aren’t waking up. Is it too late? Well, the old Australia isn’t coming back. The nation has already been drastically changed by immigration and it’s course altered.

I like how not long after Whites tame and build up a nation these perfidious jews come along and just give it to the dregs of the world.

Thanks yids!

Australians Set to Become a Minority

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