“Geheimnis Tibet” Aka “Secret Tibet” (1943) ↯↯ Schutzstaffel Expedition to Tibet

In 1938,Heinrich Himmler sponsored an expedition to Tibet lead by Ernst Schäfer and composed by several other SS scientists, officially to study the region’s flora and fauna and to take scientific measurements of the Earths magnetic fields. The expedition was also sent to find traces of the origins of the Aryan race in Tibet which was where Himmler thought evidence of could be found. As a follower of the Hollow Heart theory, Himmler was also looking in Tibet for the “doors to Agharta”, the mythical underground town, home of the “Unknown Masters”. This film is a Third Reich era documentary of that expedition. Ernst Schäfer (1910-1992) was a famous German hunter and zoologist in the 1930s, specializing in ornithology. He is most famous for his three expeditions to Tibet in 1931, 1934-1935, and 1938-1939, the first two led by the American Brooke Dolan II, and the third led by himself under the patronage of Himmler’s Ahnenerbe organization. In July 1934, during his second expedition in Asia, he met the then exiled Panchen Lama, Thubten Chökyi Nyima, in Hangzhou, China. Schäfer wrote several books, including Berge, Buddhas und Bären (Mountains, Buddhas and Bears), and helped to produce this film.

“Geheimnis Tibet” Aka “Secret Tibet” (1943) ↯↯ Schutzstaffel Expedition to Tibet

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