Pepe To Rise From The Dead


Pepe Hath Risen: Creator Trying to Revamp Frog’s Tarnished Image, Will Probably Fail

Matt Furie is resurrecting Pepe, after unceremoniously killing him off in his comic book Boy’s Club. Furie wanted to distance himself from the goofy green frog after 4chan trolls used Pepe for dark purposes, like photoshopping him into Nazi uniforms while operating concentration camp ovens.

The trolling got so bad/effective that Hillary Clinton’s campaign publicly denounced Pepe and the frog was classified a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. Throughout the whole ordeal, Furie has been trying various methods to wrestle control of Pepe from right-wing trolls, but that’s just never going to happen.

“This is an effort to rebrand Pepe the Frog as a symbol of love, peace and acceptance,” Furie wrote on the Kickstarter page.

Pepe To Rise From The Dead

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