#defendeurope and #defunddefendeurope, Identitarians against human trafficking


The identitarian movement started a campaign to raise funds for a ship, fuel and equipment to reduce the influx of refugees over the Mediterranean Sea, as you might have heard, human traffickers made a business out of the refugee crisis, and the NGO relocates refugees to Italy, instead of transporting them to the nearest safe zone. PJW actually made a good video describing the situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfG1myglfhY

Now, many SJWs like Sleeping Giants do their best to defund them, contacting banks and telling them that DefendEurope activist are “Nazis that chase and destroy boats, drowning refugees” (like that’s a bad thing), and PayPal for example closed one of their accounts. Still, DefendEurope already has a boat and still gets donations. Here are some links:



#defendeurope and #defunddefendeurope, Identitarians against human trafficking

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