3 thoughts on “nawlins

  1. Mr Booey says:

    Niggers would steal a bag of shit if they thought they were getting one over on YT. The only surprise here was they didn’t destroy the frame. Guess they were too tired from a Rap/Muh Dik/Weed/Twerk fest down at “Da Klub”.

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    1. art says:

      When I was in the Navy, niggers would seal the next best thing, dirty skivies that YT didn’t take from washer of drier soon enough I became RACE REALIST 50 years ago while in the Navy; having to live asshole to elbow with the shit beasts. Even 50+ years ago black pansy party and other terrorists groups were making life miserable for on negroid GIs along with their latrine cousins

      That bike lock pic is common here in Marxachusetts the open attitude of them here is “ahhhh takes wot ahh wants cause ahh’s black, and der’s nuttin youz can do cuz you crakkahs owe us big time

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