*knock knock sweetie ;’^)


KILL ALL RACISTS (white people)!!!!!!

White guys training in firearms to defend their rights, “hurr pathetic Cletus gun toting nazi.”

Black women training in firearms to defend against racists under their beds, “You go grrl!”

-decide to watch the video out of boredom and to see how many thumbs down it has (12,616 down to 4,068 up. kek)
-(((they))) talk about the criminalization of black gun ownership
-show clips of colion noir
-Fucking Colion Noir!
-Literal NRA spokesman
-(((they))) do this, without skipping a beat, into talking about how gun control is a conservative cause made by Regan in the 60s
-(((they))) talk about some poor black woman that illegally fired a “warning shot”, and compare her to mexican zimzam, as if this proves literally anything

I swear to God, the more educated I become about this shit, the more obvious and clear the narrative of each side is. It’s so fucking disheartening to be able to just see straight through the veil of pre-assumed horseshit some f*ggot is pushing and see straight through to whatever narrative they are trying to manipulate you into believing, while “accidentally” omitting the full story. They aren’t even trying.

Watch the vice video where that’s from:

(But use hooktube so they don’t get views)


Trespass on private property with your militant Black Nationalist group
Owners want nothing to do with it and tell you to please leave
Don’t leave because “you been doin’ it for months” ergo are now allowed to trespass in your own mind.
Owner calls cops to throw you out
Cry that it’s because whitey wants to keep you down. 

Holy fuck, they really are so insane they think everything is racist!!

*knock knock sweetie ;’^)

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