the scientific definition of a species?


“Unlike many other hybrids that are sterile, camas are fertile and can reproduce, because camels and llamas have the same number of chromosomes. What makes this so interesting is that for years, the scientific definition of a species is that it cannot interbreed and produce fertile young with any other species or genus. In the case of the camel and llama, they are not only different species, but they are also classified as two different genus.”

the scientific definition of a species?

7 thoughts on “the scientific definition of a species?

      1. South America and Africa had been joined together a long time ago and shared common flora and fauna at that time !

        This has not even mentioned tsunamis that can deliver giant rafts of living creatures across oceans.

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      2. But how many millions of years ago were they connected?
        As far as camels surfing giant waves half way around the world I’m sure that kind of stuff isn’t exactly common but I guess it can happen once in a great while.

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