From an email I got: “Anarchists”


I kind of love going into the mind of a leftist.

This guy is kind of there seeing the self contradictions of the left and especially anarchists.

However he demonstrates how mentally crippling anarchism and leftism is.

Its like they are stuck with a fantasy land and incapable of dealing with reality.

If space aliens landed tomorrow and declared war on all humans and started shooting humans like in mars attacks.

These anarchists would not be mentally capable of even acknowledging this.

They are stuck in their

-Capitalist create everything that is bad

-Fight capitalism!

Mentality forever.

Its like they can not even understand that other evils can even exist.

Imagining space aliens or other things is simply impossible.

(the fun part would be if the left started telling everyone how peaceful these space aliens are in mars attacks and only evil fasho-nazi-xenophobes slander them)

Going back to reality its like anarchists are incapable of understanding there might be people who want to hurt them like muslims.

They are mentally blocked to understand anything outside of their world-view.

Its always the nebulous “capitalists” and “fashistso-racists-nazis” that are out there.

From an email I got: “Anarchists”

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