Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Adventures


Written in 1893 by a guy named Ingersol Lockwood. In it, apparently “Baron Trump” goes through a hole in Russia that leads to Inner Earth.


(BTW the narrator’s name is Don)

Also since I found this, I’ve been reading it. Ping on an iPad so I’ll give you the quick hits. The introduction details “Little Baron Trump’s” family history. But what’s interesting is the description of Baron as recounted by a portrait which he apparently stood for. He was broad faced “a head much too large for his body” gray eyes. Wearing outlandish outfit (I.e.-outfit that no one was familiar with at the time). His face was “lighted up with a good natured but quizzical look” (read-autist stare). He came from a prominent family (read-rich..he was a legit Baron) and….wait for it…


Ingersol Lockwood also wrote a book called “The last president”.


^This is from Ingersol’s book “The Last President.”
also Page 5, “The fifth avenue hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob”

-commies take the country

-Chicago is taken, and four peoplke are killed by a mob

Last bastion of resistance, the Supreme Court, due to have multiple vacancies from old age

Suddenly, eclipse, negroes are afraid

People are believing that the new president has ties to “money-lenders” and “usurers”

Universe confirmed simulation

Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Adventures

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