San Fransickso


Seriously when will San Fransissyco stop being such an absolute embarrassment to the rest of the country? This all this garbage is from 2017 alone…

They are dropping $200,000,000 into a fucking net.. to save the lives of suicidal people who jump of the Golden Gate Bridge.

47th annual gay pride parade… ya 47 years in a row of pervert parades

Then there was the time that there were a bunchof robberies by negroes, and mexicans on the public transportation and it was all on video footage… that will not be released b/c it will hurt the reputation of minorities, and perpetuate racism, and stereotypes…

Do I even gotta bring up Berkeley?

Seriously San Francisco shape the fuck up, or the rest of the US is going to nuke you. We are not messing around anymore. Also stop giving the rest of the country AIDS.

San Fransickso

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