9 thoughts on “Sins of hollywood

    1. Scan the file for viruses… I think nothing wrong should happen, but do it for the sake of peace of mind. I opened it on my smartphone and nothing wrong happened, but your mileage may vary.

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      1. Money talks, and don’t forget “muh holocaust, muh six million”. Groids may have the slavery card, but they are too obnoxious –they blow their sympathy points pretty fast–. Mexicans don’t even have it (muh Conquistadores ain’t gonna work on you guys because you are Anglo-descendants). Joos have muh six million and enough cunning and weakness exploiting (of us Europeans and Eurodescendants) to make it work. Thus their sacred state. And they are parasites too, don’t forget that… But a very special kind of parasite, they do enable shit to be done, due to their money and contacts, but you have to sell your soul as a payment…


      2. Hitler nailed it in the head. Thus, their unrelenting hate for him. No public figure (dead or alive) has been heaped the tons of wild lies that they have heaped on him… a sure proof that he was onto something!!

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