“I’m angry” by Anonymous

Someone sent this to me. Take it for what it’s worth. I got a bit of a chuckle out of it.


“I was in the middle of Scandinavia taking a boat ride on some tourist boat and some old Swedish woman got on with 4-5 little Africans. They weren’t mixed, so I knew that they weren’t her coalburning daughter’s kids. I imagine that she was some kind of Lutheran or possible one of the American sects. I guess that she’s too old to have normal children and decided that she would “save” some apes by adopting them. I’m not trying to start some kind of religious d&c but I have noticed this kind of thing primarily among evangelical Christians. There are even churches that will finance your trip to Africa to get a baby. Often times it turns out that the baby isn’t even really an orphan and they are just engaging in human trafficking because n*ggers will sell their own children.

A relative by marriage of one of my relatives actually went over to Africa and got a n*gger with his wife. He’s autistic and got it into his head that his shitty marriage would be fixed by having a baby. The problem was, he couldn’t get his wife pregnant (his fault, not hers). She was willing to give up and say that they weren’t meant to have a kid, but his autism prevailed and they tried to adopt.

When they tried to adopt a white kid, he filled out the adoption form and under the “other information” section he wrote “I am autistic.” The adoption agency wouldn’t give them a baby. They joined a church and they eventually got funding to go to Ethiopia and get a niglet. Right before they left, the wife’s mom called them and told them that she had found a pregnant woman that wanted to give up her white unborn child for adoption. They said it was too late because they had already spent some of the money to get the tickets and arrange everything and that they couldn’t back out.

They went to Ethiopia and got ripped off for way more money than the adoption was initially going to cost, the wife almost got raped, and the baby turned out to have all kinds of health problems and possible mental retardation (although I don’t know how you can tell with n*ggers). He now lives with them. I don’t know much about the situation now because they live in America, but the last thing I heard was that he’s acting like a typical n*gger kid.

Why do they do this? Why would anybody want to have a kid that doesn’t look like them? This is the summit of cuckoldry, in my opinion. You are literally becoming the host for a cuckoo bird-like social parasite.

I understand that many people think niglets are cute. I have even heard this from people that hate niggers. Of course they are cute, they look like baby gorillas. Asian babies are cute too, because they look like baby animals. White babies initially look like wrinkled old men, but they turn into the cutest kids ever. Maybe these people just wanted a pet and don’t realize that it will grow up. Only instead of ending up in a zoo like discarded exotic pets do, they will end up in prison.


People who adopt non-white babies are assholes and this should not be allowed.



Where is the shame in childlessness if you are physically incapable of having kids, especially if you are religious? Wouldn’t you not having kids be God’s will as well? I know that childless middle aged women often find child substitutes, be they pets or adult arabs and africans, in the case of the refugees welcome crowd, but shouldn’t they think of the good of the community first?

It just makes me sad that people are so selfish that they would basically bring in a potential social virus willingly to virtue signal.”

“I’m angry” by Anonymous

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