Let’s Get (Our Kids) totally Fucked Up!


Dashiell and Michelle are a same-sex couple who share a view of gender as a fluid and social construct. Both acknowledge a shared effort towards transmitting this paradigm to Atticus, a 2-year-old boy over whom the two presumably share guardianship.

“My understanding about gender is that ultimately it doesn’t mean anything,” says Michelle, who became “pregnant via donor” in 2014. “[Gender] doesn’t give you the information about that person that you think that it’s gonna give you.”…

“I’m constantly trying to like queer my relationship with [Atticus] and get him to wear tutus, he hates it, he’s just like, ‘No,’” says Michelle of her approach towards her son in terms of gender education.

“I hate the idea that he’s getting imprinted on him people who like this are boys, and people who look like that are girls,” laments Michelle of the pervasiveness of conventional attitudes towards gender, which she says she is “constantly challenging.”

Source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/6727/buzzfeed-showcases-gender-non-conforming-lesbian-robert-kraychik


What’s going on with this? So many families are doing crazy shit to their kids for status points. Why?

Bonus content: someone who went to high school with the short-haired dyke said she was a totally normal straight girl until she went to Berkeley.

Extra-bonus content: the other dyke started the Drag Queen Story Hour fad.


Let’s Get (Our Kids) totally Fucked Up!

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