2 thoughts on “the modern curse of ugly architecture:

  1. art says:

    I’ve commented to sheeple here in Jew England. There has been a firestorm of tearing down perfectly good classical building and replacing with 20-50 story sterile looking monstrosities that look like toddlers on ritalin built them with toy blocks

    They’re all multi use, mixed income with UPscale shopping and eating on lower floors, plus amenities like yoga and pilates studios, sushi and indian restaurants, meditation center, etc, etc.

    Rentals HAHAH studios start at 2500/month and up for 1-2-3 bedroom. Sales 1.5million for starters. Crazier still is the buildings are not even roughed in yet and 80% of all units are reserved and paid for; many by muzzie, chink and dothead offshore investors.

    I’m regularly called a hater, raciss etc when I even casually mention something does not smell right here

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    1. Aside from the more sinister implications involving all the new properties being owned by foreigners I’m sure the eagerness to tear down attractive, older buildings and replacing them with modern monstrosities is part of the same plot where European peoples are being replaced with weird looking negroid types. I remember reading about the October revolution and aside from murdering intellectuals they were also obsessed with killing attractive people, as well as destroying priceless icons and churches and anything else that could be considered beautiful.
      Communism is a very ugly thing, but they have the plebs believing it’s all about love and sharing. It’s not.
      It’s about murder and abysmally depressing aesthetics.


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