the world before the flood:


There are plenty of sunken civilizations. They were destroyed by a great flood at the end of the last ice age.

The existence of objects like the Easter Island statue miles off the coast, the Yogaguni pyramid, or he Bimini road indicate a prior infrastructure that was evidently destroyed by rising water levels.

Which the NatSocs, specifically Himmler and the SS / Ahenenerbe contended destroyed the remainder of “Atlantis” (which was the main island in the Mid-Atlantic ridge, before it was gradually destroyed and no traces were left except for the Canary Islands, the Azores, and Iceland (the latter two of which are apart of the Mid-Atlantic ridge, with Iceland being referred to as Thule by Germany).

I believe Antartica to be the original Atlantis, which was a broader ideal in scope; an ideology, identity, and political philosophy, similar to how we have the “American dream”.

For example, Alaska and Hawaii aren’t apart of the continental United States, but they are American territory. Get what I mean? So you could very well have had a central Atlanean culture in Antartica, which was then at the top of the world when the earth was in another axial position, which used the ridges located around the earth, primarily the Mid-Atlantic ridge, up to Iceland / Thule, to become a sophisticated maritime power.

Antartica was more than likely destroyed by the earth flipping, and specifically the main bulk of that particular deluge being flash-frozen over the island continents when the south pole moved onto it.

The remainder of the Atlantean civilization would’ve then remained on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, and places like the Bahamas, Thule, Macchu Pichu (or other South American sites), and Egypt, etc. Remember, Plato says that Atlantis wasn’t destroyed all at once.

The Mid-Atlantic ridge continent was then incrementally destroyed over time by rising water levels. My theory is the comet that the obelisk / statue in Tepe talks about  probably hit Antartica and displaced a good portion of the original deluge, which by that time had been long frozen (acting as a gyroscopic anchor because of the mass, balancing out the earth as it wobbles on its axis. The rising sea levels led to these various archaeological sites around the world to being submerged. Plain and simple. This caused the “muddy, impassible” waters outside the Gates of Gibraltar that Plato referenced.

As usual our old friends the jews like to obfuscate the whole issue with all their ‘ancient space aliens’ BS, the same way they explain the technological advances in America after the war, which were actually the result of stolen ‘nazi’ research, were the result of back engineering from a crashed UFO at Roswell New Mexico. LOL!

the world before the flood:

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