Government Shutdown


The Mother of All Chimpouts could happen in September.

Now that Trumpcare was shot down, dems are emboldened not to pass the budget before the recess in August (because the Wall), just to make Trump look bad.

If that happens, the the USDA (which controls the gibs) will be forced by law to cut off EBT Cards in September, until the budget is passed.

If that happens we could see the Mother of All Chimpouts- nationwide.

Could the States keep the EBT Cards funded? I don’t know. Can’t find any info on that.

Government Shutdown

2 thoughts on “Government Shutdown

  1. I was just in a convenience store with a handwritten sign at the counter saying cash and credit cards only. Think I should report them to the SPLC for the attempted genocide of the local EBT population?

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