5 groids laugh at drowning disabled man in Florida


“Public outrage has mounted since Jamel Dunn, 31, died July 9.

In the more than two-minute long video, the five teen boys – who are between the ages of 14 and 16 – can be heard laughing as the man struggles to stay afloat in a pond near his family’s home, police said.

The teens can be heard warning the man that he was “going to die” and they were not going to help him. At one point, one of the teen boys can be heard laughing, saying “he dead.”

Instead of calling for help, the teens recorded the incident on a cell phone, chuckling during the victim’s final moments.

Police interviewed teens:

The teens’ names have not been released because they are juveniles who committed no crime, police say.

“At least one of the teens expressed no remorse while being interviewed by detectives,” Cocoa Police Department spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said.

Cantaloupe said the teenagers’ parents were “very disturbed” and some of the teens did show remorse.

The teens admitted being in the area “smoking weed,” police said.


5 groids laugh at drowning disabled man in Florida

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